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XID 8100

XID 8100Entry Level Retransfer Printer

The entry level Retransfer Printer XID8100 is the perfect solution for the regular day-to-day demand to personalize of all kind of ID Cards.

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XID 8300

XID 8300Retransfer Printer

The modular single-or double-sided EDIsecure® XID8300 Retransfer Printer was developed for industrial needs, thus it is provided with various optional modules such as bend remedy, ipper, and encoding modules.

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XID 8600

XID 8600Retransfer Printer

The XID8600 Printer is the high-end model of the proven 8xxx series of Matica’s XID retransfer printers. The dominant feature of this version is the ultra high resolution of 600dpi.

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